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Yolanda Be Cool

If Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson, aka Yolanda Be Cool, were in the Carpenters, they would be singing "We've only just begun."

With their first original, Afro Nuts being licensed to Fabric 49, mixed by Buraka Som Sistema, Wax On, mixed by Fake Blood, MASHED, mixed by Miami Horror and Beni as well as Neon Essential Vol 2 mixed by Grant Smillie, Don Diablo and Ruby Rose, Yolanda Be Cool has quickly become a familiar name.

In AND out of the studio, for these two cats that have more experience than their time as YBC would suggest, juxtaposition is everything. Bow ties and converse. Hip hop and techno. Animal noises and nightclubs. Pretty girls and tattoos. Unused hotel rooms. Or in their words, "party tech."

And it is to their greatest satisfaction that their peers, such as Solo, Renaissance Man, Round Table Knights and Radioclit, Drop the Lime, Brodinski and Malente (to name but a few!) have been the ones most willing to first lay props on their tunes, not to mention radio support from Kissy Sellout and Sinden!