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Tim Westwod

Westwood is the most recognized urban DJ of the decade. He is regarded as the most influential figure in hip hop in Europe and as a pioneer of the UK scene.

Westwood on Radio One is the top ranked hip hop show in the UK . Pimp My Ride UK was the most successful MTV UK production of all time and the second highest rated show in the history of MTV Europe. He has sold over 1.7 million albums to date with the biggest selling urban compilation in history. Westwood DJs in the clubs to over 350,000 people a year.


"You can't come to the kingdom and not see the prince"
Snoop Dogg

"I'm a big fan of Tim. The guy is a one-off. No one does what he does"

"Any man should be able to speak the way they want. The people who don't know him don't know nothing. Westwood. Radio One. Everyone else get your s**t together"
Pharrell Williams

"Westwood is like my Funkmaster Flex overseas. He's one of the leading DJ's"
50 Cent

"The gate keeper of UK hip hop"
Nelson George ('Hip Hop America')

"Everybody wants someone when they blow up, man. But he takes an artist before anybody knows who they are and blows them up. He had my back even before The Fugees, you know what I'm saying? Shade is just shade, Tim is hip hop through and through"

"Tim's like a hip hop brother to me, man. He's always treated me with respect and I pay him with high regard"
Pete Rock

"As far as putting myself out there and letting everybody know I've got stuff coming out he's definitely the first person I'm a see. I rely on Tim for info on what's going on in the UK , it's like a telephone wire we gotta keep each other posted"
Juelz Santana

"Other DJs look at Tim like, you know, he's official. Whenever you hear that name Tim Westwood, you always hear Funkmaster Flex big him up. There's a lot of respect for him"
DJ Green Lantern