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Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca first came to the public attention in 2006 when she graced our screens all summer in her bikini as a contestant on ITV's Love Island. Up against some of the hottest celebs around, Bianca went on to win over the nation's hearts and win the show.

Returning from Fiji, the then 19 year old was inundated with job offers with everyone wanting Bianca on the cover of their magazines or promoting their brands. Overnight she became a household name and media favourite.

Following in her step-father's foot-steps, Bianca is a keen sports fan, both spectating & participating and is known for having a competitive streak. She is always the first to sign up for charity sporting event Soccer 6 and Netball 7.

In July 2008, she competed against friend and glamour model, Danielle Lloyd, on the TV show Gladiators "celebrity special", which she went on to win, supporting a charity for domestic violence.

Her first taste at moving into the world of presenting came in the summer of 2008 when she was invited to be a guest on Big Brother's Big Mouth. Bianca went down so well she was asked to host the show for a whole week. Since then she has been in talks with a number of production companies about future presenting work.

As a child Bianca travelled around the world following her step-dad's career and spent a lot of her childhood in Scotland and Italy. Growing up in the public eye made it easy for Bianca to take on a career in front of the camera and she was able to deal with the continued media interest not only about her step father's life, but also her own.

Back at school Bianca's dream was to be a fashion buyer and when she was offered a job at Harrods when she was just 16 she grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It took her just a year before she was promoted to assistant buyer for a high fashion brand at the top London store.

It was through her charity work and support for Refuge on This Morning that Bianca was spotted by producers at ITV and she was invited to be a contestant on Love Island.

2008 was a hard-hitting time for Bianca when her step-father hit the headlines on a daily basis as he struggled with alcoholism. The tragic and empowering journey was captured by Channel 4 at Paul's request and 'Surviving Gazza' was aired in January, which followed Sheryl, Bianca, Mason and Regan as they fought to save Paul. Bianca's part in the documentary was small but emotional and powerful during her on screen time.

Having already secured a name as a party girl who enjoys a few drinks, it came as no surprise that Bianca was asked by BBC Three's 'Make My Body Younger' to film a celebrity special of the show, which saw her undergo medical tests to show the effects that her drinking and partying lifestyle had had on her body. The results shocked and scared Bianca into turning her life around.

The 23 year old has learnt a number of hard lessons in the last few years but has gone on to change her ways for the better. Cutting back on the drinking and partying, Bianca is hoping to give talks to schools about alcohol and the damage it can do and become a role model to teenagers across the country.

She is also moving forward with her two key passions in life; music and fitness. Training to become a DJ, she is hoping to hit the clubs abroad this summer and is also hoping to do more work on the fitness side now she has become comfortable in her own skin.